Strongmen Drink Beer, Strong(WO)men Carry Kegs!

Anyone motivated?


After signing up for my first Strongman Competition on May 10th at Crossfit 215, I quickly realized we needed to get some more equipment in the gym for training, namely KEGS!  One of the WODs at the competition is a Relay carrying two different weighted kegs and capping off with a heavy a$$ farmers carry.

Aside from training for the competition, weighted Kegs make for great Strongman equipment – they can be carried, thrown, “cleaned” and pressed overhead, to name a few fun uses.  Plus, you can fill them with just about anything from sand, to gravel, to liquid …. by the way, if you really want to give yourself a challenging keg movement, try pressing one over your head 1/4 to 1/2 filled with water.  The instability of the weight forces you to stabilize your core like nothing you’ve ever experienced before!

Anyway, here’s what I did to…

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