A Four-Year Degree vs. a Two-Day Seminar, by David Barnett

Keep Fitness Legal

Editor’s Note: Dr. Lon Kilgore has published a new article in the CrossFit Journal that discusses “the biased belief that university degrees are the gold standard for personal trainers.” CrossFit Lubbock owner David Barnett responded that he “learned more in 2 days at my CrossFit L1 about human movement than I did in 4 years at a tier 1 university getting a BS in Exercise and Sport Sciences.” We asked David to tell his story on the blog:

My name is David Barnett. I graduated from Ruidoso High School in Ruidoso, New Mexico and entered Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. I felt extremely honored to be attending an out-of-state University.

With the absence of multiple sports, I literally gained over 50 pounds my freshmen year. I spent my first summer doing two things: waiting tables and working out. I lost all 50 pounds and more doing interval runs, isolation…

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